Wire gauge size drill bits are great for the maker.  With 60 bits covering sizes between 0.228″-0.040″ or 5.79mm-1.02mm, you’ll find the one you need for your projects.  Affordable sets are available from Harbor Freight, Costco, Amazon among others.

This drill bit index stand keeps those bits at your finger tips. Each bit is clearly marked in gauge size, inch and metric.

Of course, you don’t need instructions! It’s a straightforward tab design.  But if you do, here are some tips for assembly.  YMMV, suggestions are welcome.  Be sure to check out the Assembly Photo Gallery below.  



  • Use air-assist if available.
  • Every laser is different.  Lower power and more passes may give a cleaner cut and a better fit.


  • Wipe down cut edges before assembly.  Keep your hands clean to avoid smearing.
  • Seal etched printing with spray polyurethane before assembly to avoid smearing and protect visible surfaces.  This stuff dries fast.
  • Glue the 5 base supports (feet) to the base plate.  The base plate is symmetrical and can be inserted in either direction.  The position of the supports isn’t critical, but theycan’t obstruct the base plate tabs.

Attach One Side

Drill Bit Shelf Assembly
  • Start on one side attaching the shelves.  Use the assembly aids to keep the shelves square.  Let the glue on this side set before starting the opposite side.
  • The lower shelves have a small ^ symbol printed above one of the holes.  This is the top side and should be pointed to the back.
  • Fit 2 drill bits in the rack shelves to hold alignment between the upper and lower shelves while glue is setting.

Remaining Side

  • Finish by attaching the opposite side.  Start with the base plate and work your way up.
  • Apply glue from the outside into the slots before pushing in the shelf tabs.
  • Start by only inserting the tabs partially into the side plate.  Once all tabs are inserted, fully seat the side plate into the tabs.


  • Wipe off excess glue as you go.  Note, MDF can be damaged by water.  Take caution.
  • Seal the completed assembly with spray polyurethane for added protection.
Materials and Supplies

Helpful Assembly Tools